Golang and Kotlin Develope – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology

In the process of establishing the foundations to create a new, transparent financial system where any person can be a part. Their clients include many of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions that rely on them to deliver the digital currency to clients.

The Crypto Brokerage team enables hundreds of millions of people to use crypto for investing or other types of financial service. It will create an infrastructure that customers and regulators can rely on. You can explore more Crypto Jobs to apply for multiple jobs.

Skills and Experience Required

* Experience with several programming languages, at minimum the following: Kotlin, Golang, Rust, Java, Scala, C++, Typescript, Python * Strong core foundations in computer science (algorithms and structures for data) Ability to apply both the OO and functional style to code Advantages

• Real and quantifiable impact in the growth of the business * Thoughtful benefits such as family leave, health insurance benefits for all family members PTO, etc. Technology-first culture

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