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A personalized stamp is a postage stamp to which a member of the community or some non-governmental entity can add a picture or photograph. This concept was initiated by the United States, on trial basis, for about six weeks.

Since, its inception, personalized stamps were declared a success and an estimated 100,000 sheets or 2 million individual stamps were ordered in the first few weeks of the market test. The stamps that were produced during those weeks remain valid, according to some companies.

Unfortunately, certain individuals pushed the scheme to its limits and personalized postage stamps were banned. Internet pranksters ordered stamps of controversial figures, which created opposition from various sections of the society. Hence, people could no longer use the images of their dogs, babies, and outlaws on the stamps. Following this ban photo stamps programs came to a standstill all over the U.S.

Companies that were printing personalized stamps had requested citizens to write to the US Postal service to renew the program of personalized stamps. Residents also wanted the personalized stamps to be back on the scene; hence, several handwritten mails and requests reached the U.S. Postal Service.

The following year, the U.S.P.S. once again announced the legalization of personalized stamps; the second phase of the experiment commenced. The second phase was to be taken into consideration, but for one more year only. It was to be seen whether the second phase would get as much response as the earlier one. However, companies producing personalized stamps were taking extra measures to ensure that troublemakers did not get an opportunity to misuse the stamps again.

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