Buying a Custom Slipcover Versus a Ready-Made – Which Choice is Better?

Slipcovers are a great option for updating well-built furniture that has some wear and tear. Most ready-made slipcovers are mass-produced and come in predetermined dimensions they aren’t measured to fit a sofa or chair perfectly. Instead of getting a fitted tailored look, ready-made slipcovers have to be constantly tucked and adjusted to stay put.

Affordable Custom Slipcovers That Look Great

Custom slipcovers are a better option than ready-made versions. By providing exact measurements of a piece of furniture’s overall width, back height, cushion style, cushion width, arm style and depth, a custom version shaped¬†throw¬†pillows can be tailored to fit the exact contours of the furniture for a smooth and elegant look without the expense of reupholstering. Custom slipcovers are unique, and every piece is made to order.

Ready-made sofa covers don’t have the proper fit and can appear loose while sagging over the furniture piece, creating an undesired effect. Since each chair or sofa has its own unique dimensions, custom covers can be made to fit a variety of popular furniture styles with high and low backs. They can be customized to fit furniture with straight, curved, round, square, wooden and upholstered backs.

Many ready-made slipcovers are made to fit square seat cushions, but not t shaped seat cushions. In order to make one fit a t shaped seat cushion, it has to be wrapped around the cushion creating awkward wrinkles. When recovering a piece of furniture, it’s important to know the cushion style, back style and arm style so the fabric will fit like a glove.

Choose From A Variety Of Fabrics

Premade covers often come in limited colors and fabrics. Custom furniture covers are available in a much wider variety of fabric choices, making them easy to change from season to season. They come in a large assortment to match any occasion. A wider selection of fabric makes it simple to suit any lifestyle perfectly. Finding the exact color of fabric to match the environment is important so it is better to look for slipcovers that offer a range of patterns and colors.

Choosing a washable fabric allows you to remove the fabric and wash it as needed. Before deciding on any fabric, it’s important to take into consideration what fabric will hold up to the demands of each piece of furniture that is being covered.

The Options Are Limitless

Ordering a customized version often means that you can only recover one piece of furniture because of size limitations offered by most manufacturers. Most are available for only the most popular sizes and pieces of furniture. However, custom made fabric covers can be specially ordered to fit nearly any piece of furniture, including ottomans, pillows, cushions and more.

A customized pillow cover can be made to fit pillows with special details such as pointy edges. Pillow covers can be cut to size with the measurements provided and crafted with a concealed zipper construction for easy fit and removal. These covers are designed in rectangular, square and trapezoid shapes. Pillow shams are ideal as furniture throw pillows, floor cushions, exercise yoga mats or pet bed covers.

Rather than reupholstering ottomans, customized slipcovers can be made to coordinate or contrast as an accent piece to any chair or sofa. Ottoman covers can be made to fit square, rectangular, round or oval shaped ottomans. One-piece cover construction allows for easy fit and removal, o matter what the condition or design of the original upholstery. These covers can be made to fit any ottoman shape and size and are available in straight or pleated skirt styles.

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