Bankruptcy? – Opt For a Secured Prepaid Credit Card

Whether you are in bankruptcy or out already, you know how difficult it is to get credit. Stop fighting for that traditional visa and opt for a secured prepaid credit card. Everyone can have one no matter how bad your credit is, and with it, you will have the opportunity to use it just like a regular credit card. No one knows the difference!

Secured prepaid credit cards are like a debit card, because you put money on the card and then use it until you have used up the funds you put on it. To continue using it you must put additional funds on the card.

Your card will have the MasterCard, Visa, or American Express logo and no one will know the difference between the prepaid card and the standard card. And you can use it just like a regular credit card. Booking a flight for your vacation, needing to make a car reservation, or taking your family out for dinner, it doesn’t matter what your purchase is your secured prepaid credit card will be treated like any other.

You decide how much money to put on the card and you can add more funds at any time. You are also not obligated to add any money so if cash is tight or you are only using the card for special purchases, that’s okay, it’s easy to reactivate. Because you are prepaying for everything you use the card for, there are no interest charges associated with the use of it.

Sometimes there is some confusion between a secured credit card and vclub new domain a secured prepaid credit card. The latter really isn’t secured in the same fashion that the first one is. A secured credit card will require you to put a specified amount of money on deposit with the bank. The bank will give you a credit card with a percentage of that money as the limit. You will pay interest and make payments like with a traditional card, but if you do not make your payment they will take it from your secured deposit.

Your secured prepaid credit card has no deposit on file at the bank, no qualifications, no employment verification; there is not even address verification. In fact, they do not even care if you are in the country legally. There is usually a fee for each transaction just like there is with a debit card, and almost always you will pay a fee to load the card with more cash. Watch for annual fees, and a variety of other fees. Shop around and find the card with the least amount of costs associated to it.

While the prepaid card isn’t your best choice if you are attempting to rebuild your credit because it doesn’t report to the credit bureau, it is the best choice if you just want a credit card to use because you are in bankruptcy or your credit is so poor you can’t even get a secured card.

Many liken the secured credit card to the modern day version of the prepaid card. One thing is for certain. Bankruptcy is tough enough without the loss of the ability to use credit in a world that is driven by credit cards. If you are in bankruptcy or just out of bankruptcy you should opt for a secured prepaid credit card.

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