The following information will hopefully give you information and advice which should help you choose a reputable agency. Whether or not you choose Kidz National Model and Casting Agency we hope you find the information helpful.

1. Never go to hotels where bogus "agencies" operate. Even if they advertise no fee, you will find there is one when you get there.

2. Ask for details of work the children do. Visit offices if necessary. Reputable agencies even if they are very busy should not mind if you make an appointment. An advert on the internet does not guarantee an agency is bona-fide.

3. Do not pay huge amounts of money for a portfolio, although good professional pictures are necessary at first to promote a model, the best portfolio you can have is pictures of work they have done. An agency cannot charge you for photographs, this should be a photographic studio. We recommend reputable photographers who will charge a minimal amount but you are welcome to choose your own.

4. Some children become popular very quickly and get regular work but this is rare. Work is sporadic and you should not expect to get work every week. Studios have busy periods when they have lots of work involving child models. At these times work is regular and nearly always at very short notice. The choice of model is usually made by our client's. There can be periods of months with no work for a model. This is the same for all agencies. Once an age group is full we operate a stand by procedure free of charge.

5. At the age of approx. 14 years a model can be between child and adult. Although catalogue and TV work is available for this age group. You should be aware that to proceed with an adult career your height should normally be greater than 5'10" (male) and 5'7" (female).

If you are offered a portfolio from a photographic studio having been 'spotted' please be wary. They may be asking a lot of money for photographs which are not needed and cannot guarantee you work. Some simply pass you details of agencies and you then have to apply yourself. Be sure to ask to see model cards and samples of work models have done.

Kidz aim to provide parents with a National free to join agency.

If you in any doubt please contact the ALBA Advisory Service for advice. This is the UK advisory service to the model and casting agency, featured on GMTV, in newspapers and magazines.

ALBA Telephone number: 0871 218 0884